Dr. Matthew Moran

Reader in International Security & Co-Director, Centre for Science and Security Studies (CSSS) King’s College London


  • Increasing the diversity of speakers at events: All CSSS staff will take reasonable efforts to organise and to participate in events with diverse speakers. To help CSSS and other UK organisations do this, we will work with UK organisations to produce a list of diverse voices on nuclear and related issues, including chemical and biological weapons. We will share this on our website and employ a post-doc or PhD student to maintain and update it every year. CSSS will also seek to take advantage of new systems for video conferencing in our events, to help bring diverse voices to our events in London.
  • Ensuring our events are inclusive: Develop guidelines for hosts and moderators to encourage balanced participation and use of honorifics during panels and Q and A; create, publish and enforce a policy on respectful behaviour for meetings hosted by the organization. The guidelines will be distributed to all speakers at our events as well as shared on our events web page.
  • Diversity and inclusion training: All staff (including visiting staff and interns) will undertake the relevant D&I training offered by King’s in their first 3 months. Any staff with a management role (including supervision of post-docs) will undertake King’s D&I training for managers within 3 months of assuming a management role.
  • We hope to work with other nuclear and international security-focussed organisations around London to create a day-long event for secondary school students (targeting all-girl schools, with mixed schools able to send delegations that have gender parity). The idea would be to introduce them in an exciting way to nuclear issues and the opportunities for studying and working in the field. We would work with widening participation at King’s and explore using the new King’s Science Gallery or a similar venue.