List of Female Experts

  • SheSource: Women’s Media Center SheSource is an online database of media-experienced women experts who we connect to journalists, bookers and producers.
  • Women Also Know Stuff: This list’s goal is to promote and publicize the work and expertise of scholars in political science who identify as women. Use this database when writing syllabi; when planning conferences, panels, and speaker series; when citing research; when inviting essays and op-eds; and when identifying experts for articles.
  • SourceList (Women +): Sourcelist is a database of experts in technology policy from diverse backgrounds, built on the principle that technology policymaking stands to benefit from the inclusion of the voices of a broader diversity of people. The list can be filtered by “national security” and “military.”
  • Women in Nonpro (Melissa Hanham): A Twitter list of female experts in nuclear nonproliferation.
  • Women in NatSec (ReThink Defense): A Twitter list of female experts in national security policy.
  • Female Experts on Japan and the Koreas (Anna Fifield): A list of female experts on Japan and the Koreas.

List of Relevant Organization